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Every company has own life story. Our story started on the day when we were searching for the best doctor for my relative, who had an oncologic disease and doctors in our country were just not accepting her due to lack of technology.  After having many consultations, we had many opinions and they were different.  Thanks God, at least, we were speaking Turkish, are from doctor family(had a knowledge on medical terminology) and were living in Turkey enough to organize the treatment, we gave case to the most suitable doctor, who was specialized in this kind of tumor and we were negotiating about the price, since we had made research.

After successful treatment other relatives and friends asked us, consulted with us about doctors and hospitals in Turkey. Therefore we were always researching; negotiating and we decided to provide this kind of service to all people around the world. We want to share our knowledge and experience with people who are searching for the treatment, diagnostics, operation, therapy etc.

DeConsilior officially was founded in 2015 in İstanbul, Turkey to serve international patients. We have governmental, corporate and individual negotiations in over 25 countries worldwide, offering most comprehensive solution with over 250 medical providers from Turkey, mainly located in Istanbul. Hospital profiles are: general hospitals, IVF centers, hair transplantation centers, specialized hospitals, medical university investigation and application hospitals, diagnostic centers, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers, medical center, aesthetic and reconstruction medical centers, dialysis centers, organ transplantation EAHs, etc.

DeConsilior’s global presence includes patient referrals from all continents including Americas, Europe, Middle East, CIS, Africa, and Asia. DeConsilior offer their services to international insurance companies, charity foundation, foreign governments, health foundations, foreign medical tourism companies and agents.

Our main and competitive advantage is to provide the most suitable specialist, since every doctor has own area of interest, are focused on the specific disease and experienced in that. It is same for every field of medicine: general branches, aesthetic & plastic surgery, IVF, organ transplantation etc.

Turkey in mean of general branches is following European and American know-hows and technologic innovations thoroughly, therefore when you here about any new method today, believe me tomorrow you will find it in Turkey. What welike in Turkish mentality is: if somebody can do this why I can’t? They start immediately to learn and research. Other good point is if they can’t do they will forward you to the specialist who can do this, they always try to help, and it is mostly because of Turkish character of friendliness.

Turkish doctors never stop to develop themselves, and always are attending different medical congresses to share their findings and learn about medical news.

DeConsilior was founded in Turkey, and has Turkish character of helpfulness, and as a company we have disciplined working line, our first rule is to connect patient who sent inquiry within 15 minutes during working hours and give an answer in 24 hours. We appreciate if patients help us in this work, and send us their medical documents as soon as possible. Patients must understand that treatment plan done upon the oral inquiry without any document can be wrong and it may change when patient will be in Turkey, it may cause inconvenience and coming to financial side of this problem may cause totally sad picture. We give prior consultation to concretize the inquiry, introduce ourselves, specify the request for the documents or photos and inform about the status of the inquiry.