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1.      I should use DeConsilior services VS I can organize my treatment myself.

Dear patient, DeConsilior helps in every meaning of treatment abroad. Just imagine: you are planning to visit another country for treatment. There are many points you should know: legality of treatment (there may be some crazy laws), hospitals and doctors whom you may apply (the most important point), treatment length, appropriate place to live, airport-hotel-hospital transportation arrangements, translator, etc. This list may continue to infinity. Many patients delude themselves by trying to organize themselves. This becomes a big mess. You already have health problem, so let other people care for you and your visit.

DeConsilior offer you full assistance that starts by your enquiry in your country and ends when you get totally healthy. We offer you our services those are standard for every medical tourism company and
more. Since we have wide network of partners, that’s why patients are totally satisfied by our services.

2.      Turkey VS other countries.

Dear patient, there are many countries who are developed in medical services, due to last technologies, prices or high doctor quality separately. Turkey can offer all these three characteristics in one hand, since there are numerous JCI hospitals, doctors with high experiences, widespread last technologies and methods, and low prices due to overall country pricing. In developed countries waiting time (appointment) are too long, sometimes may last a year. Turkish hospitals and doctors are adapting international standardization in order to give appropriate service.

There are other aspects that may attract you: easy destinations, bicultural nations (European-Asian), delicious and rich cuisine, historical places, customer focused service, friendly people, good nature and weather, sea, and many other increasing mood stuffs.

3.      Medical Tourism VS Medicine and Tourism.

Dear patient, health problems are not barrier for tourism or enjoying seeing new place or vice o versa if you are traveling to Turkey you may have your treatment beside your journey. Turkey has an advantage of offering both in one hand. Why should you separate pleasure from health?

4.      Services VS Offers

DeConsilior offers it standard services in treatment package:

-Prior consultation made upon the inquiry

-Doctor and hospital selection

-Treatment and operation plan information

-Visit scheduling

-Airport-Hotel-Hospital Pickup arrangement

-Accommodation arrangement assistance

-Payment and transaction procedure assistance

-Information about city life and place for dinner and shopping


         Hospitable and friendly attitude is our nature.

Plastic Surgeries VS General Branches

Dear patient, our statistics shows that in Turkey both are demanded by patients from all over the world. Our company has negotiations with hospitals and doctors in every branch. Since DeConsilior has pretty long experience in medicine we can offer you wide network of expert doctors. Yearly we are doing researches and audits in hospitals and among doctors. In our network just distinguished doctors take place.