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General Branches

DeConsilior offers you diagnostics and treatment in any medical branch as: general surgery, cardiology, gynecology, urology, ENT, brain surgery, dentistry, orthopedics, oncology, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and pediatrics. In general branches DeConsilior is working with different doctors, hospitals, medical centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, dialysis centers, IVF centers, etc. We have such negotiations where we can organize an operation with selected doctor in any hospital (mostly in economic sense). Prices differ not only because of the experience of doctor but also because of the hospital services charges. DeConsilior’s point is to provide best specialist and organize hospital according to patient’s budget.

Our team consults and prepares treatment offer upon your case with several doctors and choose the best offer in terms of professionalism, quality, price and place.  Moreover, all your cases are prepared with whole definition and treatment details and if needed alternative treatment programs are offered.

During all treatment our patient care service gives you full information about the ongoing treatment, effects and results. DeConsilior do care much about the information passed to patient. After the discharge of patient we are collecting all medical papers: tests, analysis, operation epicrisis, doctoral reports and pass to patient completed. 

DeConsilior provides complex cardiologic diagnostics and treatment in various fully equipped hospitals in mean of technology. Our company pays much attention on doctors with narrow specialization and big experience in difficult and unique cases, since heart is the most important and gentle organ in our body. We offer our standard cardiologic checkup:

 Doctoral examination



 Effort test

This checkup shows us recent state of heart and veins. For further diagnostics according to findings during the standard checkup we can provide more cardiologic tests like: coroner angiography, 3D thoracic ECO, Stress ECO, TEE, 3D TEE, Holter tests (Event, Rhytm, and Tension), Tilt Table Test, scintigraphy, cardiac MR electrophysical study and many others.

DeConsilior organizes different operations and procedures such as PTCA, valvuloplasty, catheter ablation, pacemaker implementation, cardiac catheterization, occluded arteries opening, nonsurgical operations (TAVI, vessels opening, heart holes treatments), in addition to open operations with congenital or acquired heart diseases.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.
Cardiovascular surgery

DeConsilior is organizing proper operation in cardiovascular surgery by the most popular surgeons in specialized hospitals. Operations are held in highly technologic operation rooms and there are intensive care units for any cases and ages. Patients who are seeking for stent implementations mostly face with different prices and they are not logically explained, we are giving you different options and explain the difference. Successful vascular operations vary from neonatal patients to older ones.

Nowadays patients mainly come for the varicose treatment; we offer different types according to vessel conditions: sclerotherapy, intravenous injections, laser therapy (for spider veins), surgical intervention (vessel bypass, shortening and opening). Our doctors offer the most suitable treatment and often complex of treatment, where all types can mix.

DeConsilior organizes operations for heart vessels like: stent implementation, bypass, PCI, atherectomy etc. We kindly remind you that during these operations we suggest to use best materials, since they last long time. If you are aware of your budget we can simply change the specialized hospital. Our company has many options to offer you.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

DeConsilior offers you standard yearly checkup package. It helps you to prevent many diseases and start prophylaxy in order to keep your body in health.

Our main standard plan includes: doctoral examinations (internist, dentistry, gynecology + PAP smear/ urology), lung CT, blood analysis (ALP, glucose, HBsAg, HDL, blood count, creatinine, cholesterol total, LDL, sedimentation, SGPT, triglyceride, TSH), BUN, EKG, abdominal USG.

For women above 40 age checkup plan has additional tests: fecal occult blood, HS CRP, special mammography, SGOT, thyroid USG. And for men above 40 age checkup plan has additional tests: HS CRP, SGOT, thyroid USG.

Cardiologic checkup: cardiologic examination, ECO and ECG. And we have wider cardiologic checkup plan: cardiologic and internal examination, ECO, ECG, effort test, fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglyceride, lateral lung CT.

Please before coming to checkup don’t eat and drink anything 6 hours before. Generally checkup diagnostics starts in early morning, and finishes in one day. So you will have your results in 3 days, you may stay and wait for your results and doctoral reports or you can leave the next day and we will send you them via e-mail. In case of any health awareness our doctors write in their reports to see related doctor or they write your receipt for treatment. You can show results to doctors in your country too, since you will have laboratory data they can easily accept them in doctoral evaluation of health condition.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

Turkey is famous for high success in dentistry, since Turkish people pay much attention to dental care. DeConsilior made an audit for the best clinics and doctors in dentistry and we offer our patients just best results. Our company organizes not only jaw operations for patients with temporomandibular joint disorders and gingival operations for patients with gum problems, but also all kinds of dental diagnostics, prostodontic, periodontic, orthodontic, maxillofacial, oral and dental treatments.  

Hollywood smile – white and healthy teeth on healthy gum – is what you deserve. Please rely on us while you are choosing dentist in Turkey. We offer you treatment plan according to your panoramic film and mouth pictures, take photos of open mouth: 1)upper and 2)lower jaw; 3)close your jaws and open lips in smile, show your teeth from side to side in smile; 4)photo from side lips open and jaws closed.

Many problems causes lack of teeth in mouth: chewing problems, bone narrowing, neighbor teeth move etc. Doctors in these cases offer implants. There are lots of brands and types of implants. DeConsilior provides you best ones for lower price, since implants are implemented once and for 10 years minimum. We are looking for best results and high quality.

We offer you wide range of veneers, fillings, implants, crowns, prosthesis etc. All procedures in dentistry are customized according to every person; therefore all treatment plans offered to you are thoroughly checked and written by doctors.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.
General surgery

DeConsilior offers you modern technologies in operating all kind of diseases, starting with simple hernia ending by cancer extraction. Gamma knife, cyber knife, laser, Da Vinci robotics, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries, open and doctoral consilium operations became standard DeConsilior organized surgeries. The high technologic methods are chosen according to the disease placement, parameters, indications and difficulty of excision.

Diagnostics provided: endoscopic examinations (endoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy), abdominal USG, tomographic films, laboratory tests, biopsy (pathology), etc. help to identify diseases and plan treatment or operation. Doctors may use your current country medical documents if they are concrete.

Doctors in Turkey offers last approved and effective methods in operations. DeConsilior provides best specialists in general surgeries, since results after surgery must give not only a chance to live but also increase the quality of life and health.

In this unit we also offer you high results in bariatric surgeries for obesity patients with high mass index: balloon implementation/removal, gastric band implementation/removal and mainly we are successful in
gastric sleeve surgeries.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.
Gynecology & Obstetrics

DeConsilior is concerned by women health as much as their partners, since it is related with birth giving and giving chance for new lives.

We offer medical services like: gynecologic diagnostics by USG, MR, BT and laboratory tests, cancer diagnostics by USG, smear test and colposcopy; procedures and operations -
IVF, myoma and cyst excisions; uterus, ovary, and cervix cancer treatments and operations are performed by endoscopic or laparoscopic methods, laser or robotics; pregnancy follow up, organization of birth in Turkey, and afterbirth follow up.

Service of team of specialized pediatrician are offered for your children after birth.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

Neurologic cases mostly related with physiotherapy and rehabilitation, where DeConsilior offers services in movements disorders, sleeping problems, cerebral and vascular diseases, dementia, vertigo, epilepsy etc. Popular neurologists are in doctoral network of our company examines brain, spinal cord, nervous and muscular systems by using neurologic infrastructures: EEG, EMG, sleep tests, audio tests, balance tests and more other methods.

We have made good negotiation with popular physical treatment and rehabilitation centers in Istanbul and all-around of Turkey. Here standard therapies offered by them in combination planned according to patient condition: lokomat (robotic therapy), hydrotherapy, manual therapy, occupational therapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ozone therapy (oxygen), group therapy, reflex therapy, cardiotherapy, ergotherapy, speaking therapy and more.

Since most of patients with neurologic disorders are treated by medicaments and physiotherapy and it may take from 2 weeks up to 6 months, we organize for them apartment close to hospital.

If patient needs surgical intervention DeConsilior provides a consilium made from neurology and neurosurgeon: advanced scoliosis is treated by surgery with implementation of metal construction. In Turkey there are counted quantity of specialized in scoliosis doctors. Please in this kind of cases choose right specialist to prevent any irrelevant job while implementing metal construction, because secondary operation turns to much more difficult operation to correct prior mistakes.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

DeConsilior offers neurosurgery services as oncologic, spinal, functional and pediatric in the most technologically equipped hospitals with intensive care units. Neurosurgeons treat brain, spinal cord and nervous system diseases with the last methods and high technology.

Half of population has disc protrusions, back (lomber) and neck (cervical) hernia, it become very common problem for everybody. Doctors offer different kind of treatments in this case: for beginning stages physiotherapy is enough, or sometimes gel injection is done to prevent the protrusion and save the liquid between discs, for further stages operations like hernia excision or metal construction application are recommended.

Tumors in brain and vertebrae are diseases where last technology (Gamma knife, Cyber knife) and other operation methods (transnasal, open, laparoscopic, endoscopic) are combined to get best results, to clean the area from every tiny piece of cancer.

Neurosurgeons in Turkey are highly experienced in scoliosis surgeries, where they use modern instrumentation systems. Even in secondary surgeries (surgeries done after first unsuccessful ones) we gain great results.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

According to our experience many patients coming from other countries with lack of diagnostic infrastructure may be mistaken in given diagnosis. DeConsilior recommends passing diagnostics one more time in Turkey since Istanbul has high technology oncologic diagnostic centers. Our doctors give second opinion and concretize the diagnosis. Before patients’ visit we are totally consulting about the treatment plan and price, and we always aware about possible extra charges according to new findings. This is cancer, that’s why it may change in moments and people should have treatment on time.

Operations in oncology mainly are done in pair with related organ surgeon and oncologist. Methods in operations are chosen upon the cancer type, location and grade; technology used in oncologic operations is sensitive to cancer cells. After tumor excision, part of it is sent to pathology to find out the grade, type and progress of cancer.

Oncology centers have last radiotherapy technology and chemotherapy. Treatment last from 2 weeks till 3 months, it is planned after receiving biopsy (pathology), cytology or oncomarkers results. After each stage of treatment recent condition of patient is checked to analyze progress and plan next stage of the treatment.

DeConsilior provides
medicines for chemotherapy at lower prices since has negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, it is another favor done for our patients.

Bone marrow and blood cancer at last stages need
bone marrow transplantation. DeConsilior supports children and organized discounted bone marrow transplantations. Please apply with your medical documents and check out the availability of place.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

When iLasic method of eye operations was just founded, Turkey was on the first place in doing these operations by quantity of operations for 3 years. All eye doctors were interested in new methods, since it has many advantages and doctors become really very experienced and moved their investigations in developing usage of laser in eye surgeries.

Ophthalmologic diagnostics in specified and general hospitals has the latest technology from Europe and America.

Surgeries in ophthalmology like cataract, vitrectomy, glaucoma, strabismus, corneal disease, uveitis, oculoplastic operations become very common for every eye doctor in Turkey.

Ophthalmologists continue developing themselves in finding easier and effective methods in operations. DeConsilior organizes
conference for international doctors in developing countries to share knowledge and build new bridges in ophthalmology.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.
Orthopaedics & Traumotology

One of the important branches is orthopedics. Our statistics shows high quantity of patients coming for orthopedic surgeries. Cases vary: congenital deformities, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee endoprosthesis, biomechanics, orthopedic oncology (tumor excision), foot and ankle surgeries, trauma surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries, stem cells applications, and mostly sports orthopedics. Sportsmen, pilots and contracted companies pass yearly check-up for orthopedic diseases.

DeConsilior requests MRIs of problematic part in order to give you doctor’s consultation and idea of the treatment cost. Patients may send them via
WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or e-mail.

Here important point is post op period: our team organizes accommodation, medical facility for rehabilitation, prosthesis and orthesis, physiotherapy, nurse etc. This period becomes difficult especially after surgeries where part of bones where replaced and for older patients.

DeConsilior negotiates with foreign governments, state and private hospitals to send orthopedists for
operations in place. It is done in proper conditions of operation rooms and post op care. Another condition is safety, since sometimes doctors are sent to countries where war was in close time. All negotiations are done under strict regulation of Turkish government.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

The diseases of the upper respiratory tract are one of the most common ailments for both children and adults. As a rule, disease is not very dangerous itself, but its effects and complications. Do not think that sinusitis and rhinitis are small cold, which the body will be able to win on their own. These and other diseases of the ear, nose and throat often lead to meningitis and neuralgia. That, in turn, passes much more painful and requires serious medical intervention.

In certain cases of advanced forms of colds can cause loss of smell, hearing and sometimes even vision. Not very often the mild forms of respiratory diseases lead to pain in the joints, causing heart disease and even kidney damage. Therefore it is very important time to see a doctor and choose a good professional who can properly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

DeConsilior offers you medical services of experienced ENT doctors treating ear, nose, throat, head and neck in the light of latest scientific and technologic developments. Doctors have narrow specializations in rhinology, laryngology, otology (audiology), phoniatrics, surdology, otorhinology, plastic and reconstructive otorhinolaryngology. Our company selects doctors according to narrow specializations, to gain best results.

Our statistics shows such requests: cleft lip and cleft palate, throat cancer surgery and treatment, abscess excision, chronic and acute sinusitis, vacuum-aspiration of tonsils, polyps and cerumen impactions removal.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.
Pediatrics & Pediatric surgery

DeConsilior offers treatment for children in multiples branches for following diseases:

Allergies in Children
Child development
Сhildren infections
Disturbances stool in children
Dysplasia of the hip joints
Immunizations (vaccination)
Ophthalmic diseases in children
Pediatric dentistry
Problems with the foreskin
Bone marrow transplantation etc.

For children we have special discounts in expensive operations like: bone marrow transplantation, kidney transplantation, oncology cases. We start call for help from society to raise money for treatment. Please learn more about fundraising on our partners’ page.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.
Physiotheraphy & Rehabilitaion

Patient after operations needs rehabilitation to cure from the intervention into organism and return back to daily life, continue previous activities. In most cases after posttraumatic surgeries and mental diseases related to neurologic patients need physiotherapy to gain physical ability back.

DeConsilior deals with the most professional and highly equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in order to give the most proper treatment for our patients. We are focused on gaining best results, and for this we are working on complex therapies and research for better therapy for every patient.

Physiotherapy consists of many types of therapies (manual and mechanic): Robotic Lokomat therapy, hydrotherapy, manual therapy, occupational therapy, strain-counterstrain therapy, electrotherapy, Ayurveda, magnotherapy, ozone therapy, group therapy, etc. If there are general physiotherapy is given we are recommending adding some behavioral (mental) and alternative therapy in order to support main treatment and increase the result.

Physiotherapy lasts at least 1 month; so you must be ready for the long treatment. Packages include: physical therapy, rehabilitation, physical therapy expert inspection, follow, nursing service, patient care, full pansion, consultant physician, laboratory, radiology, drugs supplies.

DeConsilior offers you physiotherapy centers in very picturesque place of Turkey known for its healing feature, where patients are treated under natural and comfortable conditions.

There are rehabilitation centers in thermal spring regions and we offer these thermal centers (hotels) for patients with chronic bone and skin problems to have yearly rehabilitation.

Please send us inquiry to with your medical documents for further information and doctoral consultation.

DeConsilior provides urologists for international patients in different hospitals. We recommend our patients mainly highly equipped hospitals, since the importance of kidney is high. On the other hand all treatments must be done by adding into count the erection possibility and fertility functions.

Kidney and urinary tract treatment (laparoscopic/ endoscopic kidney stone surgery, calculus breaking by ESWL)
Medical and surgical treatment of prostate, as well as urinary incontinence (stress incontinence), open prostate surgery and Green light laser (closed prostate surgery) 
Treatment of infertility (male infertility), extraction of sperm by MicroTese
Sexual dysfunction, erection problems
Surgical interventions (varicocele, prostate cancer, urinary bladder tumors, hypospadias, undescended testicles, etc.)
Modern treatment of prostate cancer with HIFU device

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