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Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a major cause for low self-esteem, especially among men. Everyone woulf agree that no one wants to look older than his or her age just because of the baldness. DeConsilior offers once and for all forget about the problem of baldness. DeConsilior is offering its services in the center of hair transplantation, which uses most up-to-date techniques of hair replacement located in Istanbul.

In 2015, Turkey became the leader in the number of hair transplantation patients coming from abroad. Currently, the number has reached more than 5,000 patients per month. The reason for this is many years of experience and quality service of the Turkish doctors. This, in turn, is a significant advantage in choosing of Turkey as country for the treatment and, in particular, for receiving hair transplantation procedures.

How can I get free consultation?

Free consultation begins after you complete the form of the patient, which should contain:

1.Full name
2. Age
3. Contact details
4. Photos of the head (front, right, left, top, and view from the back)

Upon receipt of the completed form, the staff of DeConsilior will contact you in 30 minutes for a preliminary consultation from the doctor regarding the hair transplantation.
Our team focuses on providing natural look from the hair transplantation procedure. Our experts pay very thorough attention to the details to ensure the best quality and 100% natural look.

FUE method of hair transplantation

Follicule Unit Extraction is method is a way of extracting follicles from the hair restoration patient's donor area and harvesting them to the open by opening channels. Removal of the follicle by using micromotor is a small circular incisions, that carefully collects hair without alienating its surrounding tissue. While the harvesting requires manual work with special attention, patience and experience. This method is the latest in hair transplantation, after which there will not be any scars and traces of incisions.

Hair Transplantation by FUE method

Thus, the procedure of hair transplantation such as FUE method is performed in three steps:

1. Removing the follicles from the donor area
2. Opening of the channels
3. Transplantation of extracted follicles in the exposed areas of the head

Hair transplantation for women

Women are also suffering from hair loss. Unfortunately, expensive shampoos or non-surgical treatments do not help to  return the thick and beautiful hair. And that is why, in that case you need to think about a hair transplantation procedure Only one session can help to solve all problems with hair fall. For more effective results, it is recommended to use PRP Procedure in conjunction with hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation and PRP treatment

PRP procedure is a blood plasma (stem cells) containing a high concentration of platelets, many times the number of platelets in the blood itself. The plasma is separated from a certain amount of patient’s blood and introduced by injection into the scalp. This procedure allows to keep the hair density and strength. Moreover, harvested hair grows faster. 

If 50% of the success of hair transplants depends on the experience and skills, the remaining 50% are the result of unquestioning following postoperative instructions.



- Protect your head from trauma shock on the day hair plantation is made.
- You may lie down on your back  after hair transplantation there will not be pain in your neck.  
- Because dressing made after plantation bleeding, swelling and bruising will not appear.
- The athletes’ band to be put after the plantation should not be removed until washing day (3days).
- 3 days after the hair transplantation you should avoid sexual intercourse.
- Do not stay too often standing next 2 days after hair transplantation process and have a rest.
- Your clothes for the week after hair transplant surgery should be easily removable and comfortable as much as possible and they should be zippered or shirt-style dresses that provide convenience to you.


- please follow the instruction hair wash instruction provided to you right after the procedure.
- use hat to protect your head from sun's rays and dust.

stay away from sea, saunas, spas and such places
- You can start sport activity in a month after hair transplantation, at the same time also avoiding all the exercises that can injure your head.
- Approximately 4-6 months please keep away from direct sun 


- Day 3: First wash.
- Day 10: The disappearance of the shell in the neck and planting area. Day 15: completion of recovery.
- Day 20: Hair cutting without shaving can be done.
- 3 weeks after 60% of the transplanted hair fall.


1. In 3 months you can see 30% of result after the procedure
2. In 6-8 months 60-70% of resul is observed
3. In a year you will receive total result.