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IVF or in vitro fertilization

Infertility in man or woman destroys families and psychology of pairs who are willing to have child. DeConsilior gives a chance to families by organizing IVF procedures in specialized clinics with high success.

Patients who want to have this process send us their medical report, we consult with proper doctor, who give us treatment plan and offering options for IVF to patient. We request for hormone and blood test from both partners, spermiogram (semen analysis) from man, USG from woman and other analysis that is related to specific disease.

IVF procedure takes 21 days. Pair must come on the second day of menstruation cycle. On that day first doctoral observation and USG examination takes place and treatment starts. According to hormone degree in patient medicine dosage plan is given. Every three days patient come to doctor to check the endometrium and ovary and estradiol test.

On 13-15th day egg (OPI) and sperm collection is done. In sperm problems like azoospermia, aspermia, oligospermia sperm collection is done by PESA, TESA, TESE or micro TESE.

Insemination is done in tube and waiting for embryo to develop. Embryo transfer will be scheduled when the embryos are at their best development stage which will be the 3rd or 5th day of development. On 17-19th day embryo transfer to woman takes place. In two days patient may leave to their country. After IVF procedure patients must pass BetaHCG to check the pregnancy and quantity of embryo. After 3 months they may check by USG the gender.

This is standard IVF procedure that is offered in Istanbul, Turkey.

There are cases when one or both of partners may have genetic problem and is totally infertile. In this case DeConsilior offers them IVF with egg and sperm donation. If pairs want gender selection we offer PGT. All this procedures are done in partner clinic in Cyprus. For this procedure we request for next information:

Natural color of skin, eyes and hair
Blood group
Weight and height

The same IVF program is applied; just the date of egg collection depends on the donor menstruation cycle.

After IVF there is 3 month treatment to keep embryo safe during pregnancy.

During all these procedure DeConsilior is next to their patients and follow up after IVF till patient give birth. We are very happy to receive beautiful photos of newborns from our IVF patients.

DeConsilior gives chance to new lifes!